pumpkin patch

We attempted to hit up Orr Family Farm about two weeks ago, only to arrive at noon and realize we forgot the stroller and there were approximately 14,000 people there (slight exaggeration). So we turned our asses around, went home, and vowed to try again the next week.

We went on a Monday and arrived right when they opened (and remembered the stroller!) and considering the fit she threw when we left, Cora had so. much. fun. Y’all she cried so hard she almost threw up. It was also nap time and we were a leeeeeettle bit batshit, but there were some significant tears.

We went on the hayride, picked out pumpkins for both kids, went down some huge ass slides (I was not a fan, but Cora loved them), hung out with some goats, bought some fudge, and rode the carousel. I can’t wait to bring the kids back next year when Dex is a little older.

(That was the best photo of both kids. I expected nothing less.)
– amanda

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