dexter at 7 months

This last month Dex learned how to go from laying to sitting, and we’re now crawling! 🙌🏻 We also started baby led weaning and this kid loves food, if that shocks anyone.


Height :: 30in
Weight :: 22lbs 1oz
Wearing :: 12-18 month in everything, a few 18-24 month shirts. Size 4 diapers.
Sleeping :: Beautifully. We rarely have to get up with him anymore and he sleeps anywhere from 10-13 hours a night. MVP. 🙌🏻
Loves :: Beans of any form (pinto beans, green beans, black beans..), playing with sis, watching dad play guitar, eating, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, his blankie, playing with Jane, and drinking 14oz of milk in less than an hour.

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