HESTIA :: Mythical Greek Goddess of the Hearth, Domestic Life, and the Family. Her symbol is the comfort of a hearth, a never-ending fireplace designated to warm the chilliest of bones. No temples devoted to her name, never worshipped publicly, and voluntarily gave up her place as an Olympian God to allow the God of Fertility and Wine to take her place.

Ah, Hestia. A woman after my own heart. I stumbled into motherhood over two years ago when my (then) fiance and I found out we were expecting a little girl. I’m now the mother of two and I still haven’t found my footing. After blogging for a large portion of my life (you probably found me through my previous blog), I decided this chapter…this sleepless, nonstop, loud chapter…was possibly the most important of all to document.

P.S. Momma has a potty mouth. My children understand colorful language. It’s fine. You’ve been warned.