pumpkin patch

We attempted to hit up Orr Family Farm about two weeks ago, only to arrive at noon and realize we forgot the stroller and there were approximately 14,000 people there (slight exaggeration). So we turned our asses around, went home, and vowed to try again the next week.

We went on a Monday and arrived right when they opened (and remembered the stroller!) and considering the fit she threw when we left, Cora had so. much. fun. Y’all she cried so hard she almost threw up. It was also nap time and we were a leeeeeettle bit batshit, but there were some significant tears.

We went on the hayride, picked out pumpkins for both kids, went down some huge ass slides (I was not a fan, but Cora loved them), hung out with some goats, bought some fudge, and rode the carousel. I can’t wait to bring the kids back next year when Dex is a little older.

(That was the best photo of both kids. I expected nothing less.)
– amanda

fall bucket list : an update

We’re just over a month into fall, so I thought I’d update where we’re at on our fall bucket list.


We have..

Carved pumpkins!


Decorated for Halloween! (If you’re in the Moore area come see us this Halloween!)


Bought many many fall candles. I cut myself off. I have a problem. Target has some fantastic ones this year!


Made a pot roast. (Have you guys tried the Mississippi roast recipe? Ugh so good.)


Had friends over for chili and s’mores. We had so much fun!


And we visited the zoo for Cora’s birthday.


Loving this season so far. We’re (hopefully) off to the pumpkin patch this week, so I’ll share that soon. ❤

– amanda

the quenzers first annual fall party

Because I put it on our bucket list and I am a stickler for crossing off every item off of lists, we hosted a fall party for friends this last weekend. We made a big pot of chili with all the sides, gathered up all our favorite fall drinks (hot apple cider and a variety of fall beers), put a fire on the fire pit, set up the back porch and had our little tribe over. All the kids had a blast running around the back yard and catching frogs and the adults had a blast drinking and making inappropriate jokes. Because that’s what adults do, right?


We had so much fun I’m thinking this will be our little yearly tradition.

– amanda

happy first day of fall, kids.

I confess, I absolutely turn into your typical Basic White Girl once September rolls around. FALL WREATHS. CANDLES WITH FALL SCENTS. LEGGINGS AND BOOTS. CUTE LITTLE PUMPKINS NESTLED ON THE PORCH. I don’t lose my shit over pumpkin spice anything, but otherwise…I’m a complete cliche. I’m not sorry.

I have no idea when this started, because for me fall usually means winter is on its way and I’m not a huge fan of winter. Let me rephrase that: I fucking hate winter. But there’s a certain laziness about fall I can totally get on board with. Like hey it’s slightly cool and foggy outside, it’s completely okay to spend all day buried in a book. (I’m fondly remembering a time in my life that I could do this, bear with me.)

All this to say.. I went full on Basic White Girl and made a Fall Bucket List for our family. Like, back in July. Still not sorry.


I’m going to try to photograph these things on my handy dandy iPhone (I don’t own a “real” camera anymore, how’s that for quitting photography?) as we check them off but mostly I’m just going to try to keep my children alive and unharmed throughout the process. I’ll do my best.

– amanda