happy first day of fall, kids.

I confess, I absolutely turn into your typical Basic White Girl once September rolls around. FALL WREATHS. CANDLES WITH FALL SCENTS. LEGGINGS AND BOOTS. CUTE LITTLE PUMPKINS NESTLED ON THE PORCH. I don’t lose my shit over pumpkin spice anything, but otherwise…I’m a complete cliche. I’m not sorry.

I have no idea when this started, because for me fall usually means winter is on its way and I’m not a huge fan of winter. Let me rephrase that: I fucking hate winter. But there’s a certain laziness about fall I can totally get on board with. Like hey it’s slightly cool and foggy outside, it’s completely okay to spend all day buried in a book. (I’m fondly remembering a time in my life that I could do this, bear with me.)

All this to say.. I went full on Basic White Girl and made a Fall Bucket List for our family. Like, back in July. Still not sorry.


I’m going to try to photograph these things on my handy dandy iPhone (I don’t own a “real” camera anymore, how’s that for quitting photography?) as we check them off but mostly I’m just going to try to keep my children alive and unharmed throughout the process. I’ll do my best.

– amanda

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