3 Products I love: January

I always love seeing what products other bloggers love, though it’s usually things like beauty products or food. Don’t get me wrong, I love those things (there’s a beauty product on today’s list!) but the products I REALLY love here lately are the things that make my life easier. So here are three things I’m digging this month. 😉


The iLife Robotic Vacuum

We have three dogs (two with long hair) who are in and out of the doggy door all day and two kids under 3, so you can imagine what our floors can look like if they’re neglected too long. I was using our cordless Dyson every other day spending about half an hour just knocking out our downstairs, which is primarily hardwoods with some tile and a huuuuge Moroccan rug that of course sheds like a bitch. I put off getting a robot vacuum for so long because A) I was afraid it wouldn’t work in our messy household, and B) they’re stupid expensive.
I saw a few friends post about their iLife vacuums and when I finally looked it up, I was shocked that it was under $200 AND they make one for pets. I hit “buy” so fast, but I was still hesitant when it arrived. I actually kept the box out because I just knew we would be sending it back.
It took one week before Lupita had me sold. Yes I named her, slapped some googly eyes on her, and consider her one of my best friends now. I like to give her a few words of positive encouragement when I empty her “purse” in the mornings. We run her at night after we go to bed and I get to wake up to clean floors, then I run her in our bedroom when the kids go down for a nap…otherwise they chase her. The kids love Lupita too. Once a week I do a quick once-over with the Dyson so I can get the stairs and behind the kids toys, but it takes all of 20 minutes for me to knock that out.
I’m in love with a robot vacuum and I don’t care who knows it.



Shea Moisture African Black Soap

I joined a few beauty groups on Facebook recently and constantly saw girls talking about this so I decided to give it a shot after having breakouts off and on ever since I had Dexter. I’ve exclusively oil-cleansed with coconut oil for two years now, so it dried out my face a little at first but a good moisturizer took care of it pretty quickly. I already see a huge difference in my skin! I’m a fan. (And it smells good!)



Carbona Fat and Cooking Oil stain remover

As if the robot vacuum wasn’t the most “mom” thing to share ever, I’m sharing a stain remover. Not sorry. My family has a real knack for getting grease on their clothes (*cough*MARK*cough*) and this stuff ALWAYS works. Even for set in stains that I don’t notice until the shirt has already been washed and dried…which is what happens 9 out of 10 times. haha. I just rub a little bit in with an old toothbrush, let it set for a few minutes, and toss it in the wash like usual. Life saver.

Cheers to less messes and clearer skin in 2017. 😉

– amanda

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