the quenzer den: cora’s room

(Y’all I totally forgot to turn down the ISO before I took these, so ignore the graininess and general quality. haha.)

This girl loves. her. room. We take her up for her nap every day and she spends anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour playing. She loves her big girl bed and her tent!


Dresser :: IKEA (Tarva line, discontinued, painted by Mark)
Bed :: IKEA
Rug :: Target (not sure if it’s still available)
Chair :: BabiesRUs
Quilt on chair :: Love Gretta
Toy shelf :: IKEA (discontinued)
Tent :: Amazon

If you’d like to know where we got anything that wasn’t listed, let me know! I’ll probably share our bedroom and bathroom next week. 🙂

– amanda

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