the quenzer den: cora’s room

(Y’all I totally forgot to turn down the ISO before I took these, so ignore the graininess and general quality. haha.)

This girl loves. her. room. We take her up for her nap every day and she spends anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour playing. She loves her big girl bed and her tent!


Dresser :: IKEA (Tarva line, discontinued, painted by Mark)
Bed :: IKEA
Rug :: Target (not sure if it’s still available)
Chair :: BabiesRUs
Quilt on chair :: Love Gretta
Toy shelf :: IKEA (discontinued)
Tent :: Amazon

If you’d like to know where we got anything that wasn’t listed, let me know! I’ll probably share our bedroom and bathroom next week. 🙂

– amanda

the quenzer den: dexter’s room

Now that we’ve been settled into the new house for a little over a year, I thought it would be fun to do a little house tour with a different room or two each week. I’m starting with Dexter’s room because it’s the most finished and easiest to clean. haha


I saw this wall color here many moons ago and absolutely fell in love with it, so I knew I wanted it in Dex’s room! The color is Dark Pewter by Benjamin Moore and either looks charcoal grey, navy blue, or dark teal depending on the light. His room has the best natural light in the whole house, so I felt it was safe to try out a dark color. No regrets. 😉

So many nights spent in this corner. So. Many. Nights. Also this chair is incredible but I cannot for the LIFE OF ME remember where we got it. Whoops.


I intended on getting a cool moon phase garland to hang on the shelf but you can see that never happened.


My brother got these decals for us last Christmas. They’re so perfect!


My sweet friend Gretchen made this quilt for Dex and I love it so much. Cora has two quilts that she made and they’re well-loved! ❤

Here are the specs on his room:

Wall color :: Benjamin Moore “Dark Pewter”
Crib :: IKEA ($79.99 and it’s lasted through both kids…can I get an amen? We stained ours!)
Rug :: Overstock
Bookshelf :: IKEA
Dresser :: IKEA (it was the Tarva line, stained and painted by Mark, but they no longer make them.. boo)
Planet quilt :: Spearmint Love
Quilt :: Love Gretta

Hoping to get Cora’s room shared next week, if I can keep it semi-clean long enough to snap some photos. 😉

– amanda