dexter’s 6 month photos

I had good intentions of getting some great snaps of my two hellions last week. I borrowed a friend’s camera (I sold mine after I ended my business so I couldn’t be talked into photographing people…true story), picked out a few cute outfits, and we were off to one of my favorite parks.

It. Was. A. Disaster.

Dexter wouldn’t look at the camera, he only wanted to eat the grass. It was hot. Cora cried basically from the moment we got there until the moment we left, for no reason. I accidentally sat Dex in an ant bed and by the grace of god he didn’t get bit at all. We were at the park all of half an hour and I walked away with a very small handful of usable shots.

So I spent the next couple of days snapping some of Dex when I could and ended up with a few keepers. I still haven’t attempted any more of Cora, I’m a smidge scared of her if we’re being honest.


I have no idea why.

Anyway, here’s Dexter the Jumbo Kid.


– amanda


P.S. I took this photo with Cora so I decided to do the same with Dexter. The size difference.. I just can’t even. Y’all we actually thought Cora was a big baby. (In grand retrospect, she was…she was always in the 90th or higher percentile for height.) Dexter is just a monster.


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