two years old.

As of Sunday, I became the mother of a TWO year old. I can hardly believe it. Well, I can believe it.. We have hit the terrible twos with a fierceness and I have quickly learned that Cora inherited her momma’s temper. Something doesn’t work the first go around? Throw it. Leave the room. Don’t speak for half an hour. Cora and Amanda logic.

Tantrums aside, this girl blows my mind daily. I’m sure Mark gets tired of me going “Do you see what that girl is doing?” or “Listen to her! She’s so smart!” or “Let me tell you what Cora did today!” She impresses me so much with how quickly she picks things up. She can watch an episode of her favorite cartoon and have the song and half the dialogue memorized by the third time she watches it. (It’s Rain Man shit, you guys.) She uses “please”, “thank you”, and “sorry” appropriately. She adores cleaning. She is ridiculously timid in new situations for the first half dozen times she’s in them but the moment she’s comfortable she rules the room. (She is her mother. I have to reel myself in if and when I get too comfortable somewhere.)

This year we got almost every single tooth (she only had two teeth for hew first birthday!). We hit the WORST SLEEP REGRESSION I EVER COULD HAVE IMAGINED…Mark and I would have to sit on the porch for half an hour after we put her down because she would scream bloody murder. We decided Bubble Guppies weren’t the greatest things ever anymore and now we think Team Umizoomi hung the moon…mom and dad hope Bot shorts out, but Cora can count to five because of those assholes so it’s whatever. She started “school” (Mother’s Day Out twice a week) and dance class and we’re watching her confidence blossom with each week.

Cora has become her own little person with her own thoughts and opinions and it is wild to watch. We are so proud of the little lady she’s becoming.

Here are some snaps from her “Tea for Two” party and our annual birthday trip to the zoo. ❤


– amanda

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