um hi.

Boy howdy.

It’s been a minute.

I have no good excuse. I’ve had time, I have things to blog about, I just wasn’t feeling it for whatever reason. Since my last update (in FEBRUARY WHUT?!):

– Dex turned one! He is such a handful but he has developed the FUNNIEST sense of humor for a one year old. And he’s currently the size of a two year old but it’s fine. 😛 We had a cute little diner-themed party for him, complete with a cheeseburger cake.

– We announced our next adventure: Lunar Music Supply! This is Mark’s dream, Mark’s baby, I just made her look pretty. ❤ We’re still awaiting inventory (hoo boy, that’s quite a story) but should have our doors open soon. My dude has been working HARD on this since last October and I’m stoked to watch everything come into fruition.
Follow us here: insta. fb.

– We briefly debated having one more baby. It was short lived. haha.

– I LOST WEIGHT! (*kicks a chair over in excitement*) Mark and I started the Keto diet and I’m a believer. It’s totally changed the way we eat and we no longer have random health problems. We’re both feeling pretty fantastic.

– I ditched my capsule wardrobe. Not because it wasn’t working, but because I accomplished my goal: Find my style and have a wardrobe with functioning, easy to mix-and-match pieces. It took me two years, but I can officially say I not only love every item in my closet, but I love the way everything fits. And I know what I like! I can walk in any store and pinpoint which items I would gladly wear on a daily basis.

– Our family grew! Cora and Dex are racking up on the cousins. Selah Ryan was born March 17th, and Easton Dwayne was born July 20th. Building that toddler tribe, y’all.

– My sweet Baron was diagnosed with cancer. We have roughly 2-6 months with him, depending on how fast everything spreads. I can’t imagine a world without my Brown Bear, but we’re taking everything one day at a time and spoiling him while we’re able.

– We did some traveling. Austin in April with Cash and Heather (we spent a weekend there and it wasn’t near enough!), and Port Aransas with the kids in June. I’ll share our Port Aransas pictures in another post because they’re totally still on the camera. Whoops.

– I got some tattoos. And they’re fucking beautiful. Brandilyn Dunning at Blackmint Collective is the tits. THE TITS. She’s officially my forever-artist. ❤

– I’ve changed hair colors like 14 times and gave myself bangs randomly on a Sunday morning, it’s whatever.


Here’s hoping my next post isn’t 4 years from now. *thumbs up*

– amanda

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