nightcaps and popcorn: a love story


I think there are a lot of misconceptions about what makes a marriage work. I don’t believe it’s “just because” flowers, date nights, love notes, and the like. I realized all this the other night when my husband was working late and I had to make my own cape cod.

Yes, we absolutely drink when the kids go to bed. We drink and we eat two bags of popcorn. Maybe I eat s’mores afterward. It’s whatever.

I had never really noticed it but Mark almost always makes our drinks at night. It seems like such a small thing but I’m usually cleaning up the kitchen or picking up toys in the living room, so it’s nice to finish up all of that and have a drink in my hand right away.

I’m not saying my marriage is working because my husband makes me mixed drinks. Let me back up a bit.

Sometimes it’s something like sending me to Target for less than three things, knowing I’ll take my precious time and come home with those three things…plus half a dozen fall candles, some Starbucks, and a toy for each kid. It’s me mentioning how messy our kitchen is, leaving to buy groceries, and coming home to a clean kitchen. It’s knowing my Wingstop order without having to ask.

Essentially, it’s knowing what the heart needs. And sometimes the heart needs Wingstop. Or a cape cod.  ❤

– amanda.

our wedding video.

For those who don’t know, Mark and I were engaged when we found out we were expecting Cora. We ended up nixing what was going to be a traditional wedding (her due date was two days from our planned wedding date) and opted for an elopement in Colorado a year later instead. I think we can both agree it was one of our better life decisions. Low cost, no stress, no drama…just our little family, a minister, a photographer, and a videographer.

It was a beautiful weekend and our day was perfectly low-key. We woke up when we wanted (when Cora wanted), we made breakfast, I made my own bouquet, we made our own cake, we chose our ceremony site and we did things the way we wanted on our own schedule.

When it came time for the ceremony Mother Nature decided to dump a bunch of rain. After waiting it out for awhile we decided what the hell.. We found a canopy of trees and we got married right there on the side of a mountain in the middle of a light drizzle. I truly believe it couldn’t have been better if we tried.

Thanks to our friend Chris for knocking this out for us. It’s perfectly us and I love that all the small moments got captured.

If you have a spare half hour, have a seat and join us on our big day. ❤

(I talk with my hands soooo much. And look at tiny Cora!)

– amanda