as requested, here’s my eyebrow tutorial.

I’ve been asked a handful of times to do an eyebrow tutorial and I’ve always avoided it because I feel like my method won’t work for everyone, and I don’t think I do anything special. But I promised I would, so here we are kids.

I feel like this tutorial is best for those like me who have very light, very sparse eyebrows. I was “blessed” with the features of a ginger (blonde and sparse eyebrows and eyelashes, cool toned skin, freckles, etc) without the red hair. Thanks for those genes, mom!

So, here’s the spoiler.. I cheat. I dye my eyebrows. I’ve been doing it for six years and I’m not even remotely ashamed.

Let’s walk through this together, shall we?


Here’s me without anything on my eyebrows, and I haven’t dyed or plucked them in about 5 weeks. I usually dye them every 6-8 weeks so they’re typically quite lighter when I attack them again when the dye.

Here’s the dye I use:


So I’d say “follow the package directions!” but I haven’t read the package directions in six years so I have no idea if I’m still doing this, um, the “right way”. Before you do ANYTHING though, do a patch test. Yes, seriously. You’re about to put dye on your face, dumbass, test it out first.

This product comes in these weird little capsules and each capsule is supposed to be “one use”. It is SOOOO much product and you truly only need like, a fifth of what’s in the capsule so I emptied all the capsules into another container so I didn’t have to waste it. *shrug*

I apply the dye like I would apply eyebrow pomade or whatever, just in whatever shape you want your eyebrows to be. (If you aren’t sure how to shape your eyebrows, there are about 14,000 tutorials on Pinterest and almost all of them say the same thing.) I leave it on for 4-5 minutes.

Use this time to frighten your husband, do Cara Delevigne impressions, or pluck any strays.


Wipe off the dye. You’ll notice it may have stained your skin and it’s totally no big deal, it’ll wash off in a day or two. You’ll survive.


So every day I use one of these two products: NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder (yum?) or NYX Brow Mascara.


I prefer the powder a bit more but if I’m in a hurry the mascara works great. Here I’ve used the powder on the right, and the mascara on the left:


That’s it. Seriously. Now go forth and be on fleek.


– amanda

how i trained my hair to only be washed once a week(ish)

Not too long ago I posted a photo on Instagram about how I’m “training” my hair to not have to be washed often, and I was genuinely shocked at how many people had questions. I promised a post on my method, so here we are.

I’m about one month into this method and so far it’s getting easier and easier each week. I wash my hair about every 7-8 days or so. The first week my hair felt disgusting by day 5, but this last week I made it to day 8 and still felt like I could go another day or two. (I should note, I still take baths every other day, so I’m most certainly still bathing myself. I’m not that nasty.)


Day 1: I’ve washed my hair the night before but didn’t blow dry it. (I actually very rarely blow dry my hair anymore.) I use a flat iron to curl my hair. This is my LEAST favorite hair day but it sets a good base for the week.


Day 2: I brush out my hair to pull some of the natural oils on my roots down to the ends of my hair. I HIGHLY recommend a boar bristle brush for this. They’re fairly inexpensive, and they make your hair super shiny! I then use dry shampoo (Batiste is my fav <3) just on the roots at my part and the hair around my face. I don’t use it on my entire head. Rub it in with your fingers and touch up the curls if you want. I usually only have to touch up a little bit, 5 minutes tops. (The curls for me have turned more into waves by day 2…yay!) A lot of complaints I hear about dry shampoo is that it dries out the ends of your hair. By redistributing the natural oils in the beginning and only focusing on your roots with the dry shampoo, you’ll notice a big difference.


Day 3: Same method as day 2.


Day 4: Same method, but if things are looking blah or too oily at this point, switch up your part. Day 3, 4, and 5 are usually my favorite hair days!


Day 5: Same method.


Day 6: You’ll probably notice the hair closest to your face and around your neckline is looking rough at this point. I’ve had luck with braiding my bangs back and just using some dry shampoo on my neckline. But if it’s feeling horribly gross…wash that shit and see if you can push it further next week.


Day 7: If you’re on week 1, your hair will probably look and feel grimy as hell right now. (Mine was still fine at this point but for demonstration’s sake, I’ll pretend I was having a yucky hair day.) Throw it up in a bun, a braid, whatever your go-to “My hair looks like shit today” style is.


Day 8: If you haven’t washed your hair by now, go with another up-do of some kind. I’m currently loving pigtail buns right now because it’s one of the few styles that works with my short hair. Tonight.. We wash.

So.. Pretty straightforward method. The key, I think, is sticking with it. No part of any “training” is ever easy in the beginning, but it gets easier. Week two was easier than week one, week three was easier than week 2, and maybe in a few weeks I’ll just stop washing my hair, get some dreads, live on a commune, grow some weed, and change my name to Sunflower.

Totally kidding.

– amanda